Talk 2 Tamsyn

The decision to prioritise self-care and to engage in a therapeutic process is often an especially difficult one to make.

For too long, society has dictated that mental health and wellbeing take up a diminished space in our hierarchy of needs; encouraging us to be stoic in our struggles and to view suffering in silence as a strength.

But no more.

Like nothing else before it; the Coronavirus Pandemic has shone a light on prioritising mental wellbeing and the need to view and access mental health and support services in the same way we do any other healthcare service.

Everyone should talk to an expert listener at some point in their lives. Whether to receive support in the present, to gain clarity on the future or to make peace with the past – all of this and more can be found within a therapeutic space.

Everyone’s therapeutic journey is different; as is their destination. But you will never know where it is YOU could go, if you don’t get yourself to get going…